Community Inspired. Community Focused.

The whole premise behind Discover Solar NH is to work within the communities that we live in and engage with. We’re inspired by the communities that exist in our great state of New Hampshire, and we’re motivated to serve those communities that fuel our passion of providing the best solar power array products on the planet.

Here’s how it works (in a nutshell – or solar panel cell):

Discover Solar NH exists to offer competitively priced solar panel array installations enabling homeowners, businesses, and nonprofit organizations within given communities in New Hampshire the ability to harness the energy of the sun, which in turn fulfills their electricity usage needs.

What’s it going to cost me?

We’re working with tiered pricing structure that fluctuates and offers deeper fiscal savings depending on the exact number of community/town adopters of provided solar panel array products.

How does your program work?

Discover Solar hosts education and outreach seminars in targeted communities and towns that are interested in utilizing this cost-savings service. At the initiation phase, we set some dates in which community members can sign up to purchase solar for their home, business, etc. Once the “expiration” date has been met, we tally the number of participants and the price of each unique solar panel array is set. See pricing here.

How can I best get involved / educate myself?

  • Attend a seminar.
  • Attend a workshop.
  • Call us with questions.
  • Encourage your friends, family, and neighbors within your community to think solar as well. There are far more benefits than the substantial cost savings alone…

Will you serve my community?

If you feel like your community/town could benefit from this type of service and installation, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll schedule a discussion session/workshop in your area! Our goal is to hit all interested towns throughout the entire state. Going solar benefits all parties involved, not to mention, it’s a big step in the right direction in regard to bolstering the health of our environment.